Random Thoughts As I Study My Bible

It’s really easy to take the Bible for granted.
I mean, for us Americans, the Bible is always there. We can easily and promptly access it.
This seems good, and it actually is pretty good. However, when something is so easily accessible, we tend to blow it off or consider it unimportant. We no longer recognize the value.
Imagine that someone shut off your water. Before, you didn’t notice how much you needed it. But now, you are frazzled trying to figure out how to shower, make meals, wash your hands, and even get the nutrients necessary for survival.
I think that this is easily comparable to the Bible. So often, we don’t touch our Bibles for days at a time. Meanwhile, someone on the other side of the world isn’t even allowed to see a Bible, let alone read it.
I believe that we take for granted what we have. We don’t study our Bibles like we should. We don’t cling to it like it’s our survival guide. We just leave it on the nightstand in our bedroom and read it every so often.
So I challenge you. Pick up your Bible and read it as often as you possibly can. Purchase a small one to stick in your purse or backpack. Remember that it is God’s holy, precious book that He wants you to know and live by. Do not forget it.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts As I Study My Bible

  1. This exact thing has been on my mind quite a lot lately. Reading God’s Word is not a chore or a drag. It is life and hope, full of both encouragement and admonition directly from our Father. And the fact that we have such ready access to it is an enormous privilege!
    So what I’m basically saying (lol) is that you’re absolutely right, Brooklyn. And I love the water analogy! But you’ll have to excuse me for now; I do believe there’s a certain Book I need to go read. 😉

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