Your Attitude Affects Your Team

Bottom of the sixth.

I look behind me and spot third base. I’m prepared to rush to it in case anyone tries to steal.

I glance around the diamond, stopping my gaze on each of my teammates. The look of defeat overcame their faces.

“I’m so done. I’m done with this game. It’s over,” Shortstop says to no one in particular. My heart sank. My entire team has given up.

Let’s backtrack to a few innings before this. Our star pitcher runs into a tag that she should’ve avoided. She is suddenly taken out of the game for bad attitude. The bad attitude must have been contagious. Every other girl on the team shrunk down, instantly quit, and desperately hated their existence. One by one, they gave up. One by one, they handed the game to our opponent.

I kept my head as high as I could that night. Philippians 4:13 raced through my mind. Words of support and encouragement were the only words leaving my mouth. But nothing changed. I felt like my encouraging words blew away with the wind. I finally came to the reality that I couldn’t change my team. They had to change themselves. I could only stand there and be different. I decided to rise above my team and offer hope when others sat and offered defeat.

Sometimes I chuckle when I think about all of the effort I’ve given that hasn’t produced anything. Sometimes I think that no one is listening. But people are. When you have a positive attitude, people notice!

A while ago, I was at a tournament game against a team with poor sportsmanship. My team seemed to adopt their poor attitude and I was one of the last girls standing with an smile on her face.

Later, my friend told me that she heard parents talking about my positive attitude.

The truth is, people ARE listening, and you never know who it is that your words are encouraging. When I get on the field, I may be speaking to my teammates, but my audience is listening as well.

Conforming to the pattern of a bad attitude shows no one the love of Christ. It’s a positive attitude that shows people the radiance of our Lord; an attitude that keeps shining no matter the circumstances. What are you accomplishing with a bad attitude? When you let your attitude slip, every part of you just feels exhausted and sad. This does not good. It shows no light.

Matthew 5:16 says, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

God wants us to use our lives to shine for Him and point others to Him.

We’ll still fail and have bad attitudes. It happens to me quite frequently. My attitude is one of the hardest things for me to manage. Even when we strive for better attitudes, we’ll fail once in a while.

But if we shift our focus off of ourselves, our bad attitudes will happen way less often.

Next time you’re tempted to let your attitude go down the drain, pray for a better and more reflective one. Your new attitude will bring so much light to the people around you.


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