Our Confidence In Christ ~ The Confidence Series

As some of you know, I recently did a lovely interview with Anna Gold, and introduced our new series that we’ll be doing on confidence. She posted our first article on the subject last week (check it out here), so here is our second post!


Confidence is a key issue in society today.

Our confidence can plummet 300 feet in a matter of seconds.

We put our confidence in unsatisfying things, but that’s what we’re taught by culture to do. We are taught to put everything we have into the world and hope to get something in return. Our confidence is measured by our Instagram likes, our followers, our peers, our idols, and basically whoever compliments us. Going through this is a difficult cycle; one that doesn’t often give us the results we long for.

Don’t put your confidence in powerful people, there is no help for you there. Psalm 146:3

No matter what we get, we always want more. We are building our confidence falsely. We are measuring it by how much we get from people. It’s like holding onto sand. For a brief moment, you think that you have it all. You are confident in yourself and your livelihood. Suddenly, that sand begins to slip through your fingers, and it keeps slipping through until you have nothing left. Then, you simply grasp a new handful of sand.

So where can we find lasting, satisfying confidence? What do we have to do to get this confidence?

Jeremiah 17: 7 says, “But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.”

When we put our firm trust in God, we will not be put down. Our confidence is in Christ and what He did for us on the cross. Believing that Christ died for us, and having confidence in His death and resurrection, should change everything. We should start living confidently. When the trials come, when school gets hard, when a relative passes away, when we’re bullied, we should have complete confidence in Christ. As we accept what He’s done for us, we are putting our faith and trust in God. This confidence is forever satisfying, completely constant, and utterly amazing. Putting our firm trust in God will impact our lives so much, because we’ll no longer feel the need to rely on ourselves. We don’t need the worlds approval and temporary satisfaction.

Confidence in Christ is essential to your walk with Him. If you have firm trust in what He’s done for you and what He’ll continue to do, you have no reason to reach out for what the world has to offer. It is an amazing thing to place your full confidence in God. I urge you to fully trust in the Lord, and give Him everything that you’ve been holding back.


Check out The Anna Gold Blog next week for our 3rd post in The Confidence Series!


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