Don’t Let Them Tell You

I remember sitting around the table having funny conversations with my family a couple months ago. We were talking about sweatshirts that made us look really fat, and it reminded me of an experience I had 5 years ago.

“Yeah, I wore that Ohio State sweatshirt to the gingerbread competition. A kid called me fat,” I stated, still laughing.

“Wait really?” my parents said.

I nodded, still laughing really hard. “Yeah. This girl came up to me and said ‘my brother thinks you’re fat.’ and them the boy looked at me and said I was fat. I never wore that sweatshirt again.” I was laughing and sobbing at the same time. Those words that the boy said have made me hate my body at different times. I never told anyone because it hurt me so bad. I sat at the table, crying and laughing as I told my random, secret story.

See, people have been telling me what to think of myself for too long.

They’ve been critiquing every single part of me. They’ve been telling me what they like and dislike about my physical appearance.

I have been so tempted by the world to think of myself as blah, normal, and unattractive. Time after time I’ve caved into that temptation.

I haven’t seen myself as beautiful.

I haven’t told myself that I’m crafted by God’s hands and a wonderful piece of His creation.

Instead I’ve seen myself as plain and average.

I just listened to what people said and used that to shape my view of myself.

“Your nose is… interesting.”

“Whoa those teeth are crooked.”

“Your hair is too thick.”

“Ha, nice laugh.”

“You’re fat.”

“Woooooow, you’ve got a *lot* of scars.”

“Your voice is kinda deep, but I mean it’s still okay.”

“Just stop it. You’re not cute okay.”

These words have done a lot of damage, and I’ve never really talked about it because I just tucked it away in my mind and accepted it. I wish that I didn’t do that.

There is a high likelihood that you’ve heard words like these. It doesn’t matter your gender, race, or age, you’ve been told what to think of yourself.

Oh, I beg you. Please do not listen to these words like I did.

They will shatter the perspective you should have. Instead of seeing yourself as a beautiful individual, you’ll see yourself as someone that isn’t extraordinary. You wont recognize the amazing, incredible beauty that you possess.

God made you. He shaped you, formed you, fashioned you, built you. The fact that the Creator of the entire universe intricately designed you is an incredible thing. The fact that you exist on this tiny planet in this tiny galaxy in this huge universe is extraordinary!!!

We need more people in this world that tell others of their beauty found in God, instead of critiquing every little thing about them. I want to encourage everyone reading this to be a person that shows others their amazing beauty found in Christ.

Please, just stop with the body image criticizing. It’s wearing down on so many of us.

And for those worn down by body image hate, remember who designed you and who loves you. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Don’t Let Them Tell You

  1. Oh my gosh. This post is so good!
    My brothers will teasingly say stuff about my looks and stuff like that, but it always makes me think about myself in the wrong way. I have had similar things said to me and about me, even from myself. This post made me re-think what I think. Thanks! 🙂

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