Say What Needs To Be Said

I feel a strong urge in my heart to reach out to as many people as I can before I die.

Honestly, I’m not scared of dying, because I know what is waiting for me in heaven. However, I hope that I don’t die young. The reason why is that I want to bring as many people to heaven with me as possible.

I want to tell everyone that they are worth dying for, that they are cherished by our Creator, and that they have a purpose. I long to tell people that Christ wants them to run to him when they’re hurting or they’re happy or they’re confused.

I want my fellow humans to understand that God wants them no matter what season of life they’re in and no matter what they’ve done in their past. I want these people to know that they don’t have to clean themselves up first, and that they can present themselves a filthy, dirty mess and God will clean them up if they just ask.

This is what keeps me going and what shapes my desire to stick around on this earth more.

My tagline for this blog is “say what needs to be said”. That right there is the entire reason why I write on this blog. My desire is to say what needs to be said, and tell people that they are worth so much.

I strive with every post to communicate to my readers that they are loved and cherished by God, and that He wants them to run to His arms and follow His will for their lives.

I want these people to know that our world is imperfect and flawed, but our God is perfect and flawless. He is more wonderful than we’ll ever be.

So I want to encourage you to step out and say what needs to be said.

Reach out. Be consistent. Practice what you preach. Live authentically and fearlessly. Do not worry about receiving hate, because it’s gonna come no matter what. Just say what you know you’re being called to say.

It’s a beautiful way to live, and it’s a great way to reach those that are lost.


5 thoughts on “Say What Needs To Be Said

  1. This is beautiful:) you are so brave to have said that, and I wanted to say, I’m that girl from a while ago, a Pioneer from AHG that was thinking of starting her own blog. I finally did, and I’m attaching the link because u said u would love to read it! So thank you for finally saying this as well.

    That is my blog:)


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