Pursuing God

Recently, I traveled 283 miles to a town in Michigan with no expectations of what was going to happen. Yes, I had been recruited to work on the Life Action Camp CREW team, but I had no idea what was going to happen.

I didn’t know a single person there.

I had never been to the campground.

I had never been more than 100 miles away from my family, and I hadn’t been more than 4 days without at least one of them.

The leap of faith that God was calling me to take was HUGE. I was really scared, as I always am when I’m told to step out of my comfort zone.

When my parents dropped me off (after we spent an amazing weekend visiting Lake Michigan and Chicago), I cried in the driveway. I gathered my composure and walked into the house that I shared with 20 girls whom I didn’t know.

I’d be lying if I said that I made friends instantly. The first few days, I felt alone. REALLY alone. I could call my parents all that I wanted to, or text my friends to feel less alone. But instead, I desired to spend time in the presence of God.

That was the first thing I learned to do at camp. To sit, be still, listen, learn, and communicate with Him. When I first arrived, I brought my Bible down to the lake, sat on the dock, and read. I read a lot.

I feel like that was the first time that I actually noticed God’s presence while I was reading and focusing on Him. I felt so loved and comforted. I didn’t feel so lonely; rather, I felt like I was nurturing the best relationship ever.

The second day, I woke up and walked to the lodge to get breakfast. Once again, I was overwhelmed with a sense of loneliness. I wrote my feelings down as I sat by the lake and ate a bowl of fruit. I opened my Bible again and continued to read through the book of Matthew. I finished it and read 2 Peter. I finished that and read a few Psalms.

I was completely fascinated by scripture, and I learned so much about it in my two weeks of being at camp.

It took me leaving home and going almost 300 miles away from everyone who loved me to realize that God loved me more. He chose this weird 16-year-old girl to experience a deep relationship with Him.

That’s the biggest blessing in the world.

God has chosen you, too. He wants you to have a deep, lasting relationship with Him. All you have to do is say, “Yes, Lord. I want to know you, love you, and experience your overflowing grace.”

Pursuing a relationship with Him and His Word is the best choice you could ever make, and one that you’d never regret. I guarantee it.



8 thoughts on “Pursuing God

  1. Wow! Cool story Brooklyn! That is so amazing! And you went to MI? That is SO cool! I am from MI. If you’d rather not say, I understand, but where in MI did you go?
    I am new to your blog, and I am loving reading through some of your old posts! 🙂 Keep up the great work!
    -Sarah Grace


  2. I just discovered this blog a few days ago and I love it! I really appreciated this post as I have been in the same situation before. It is so very true that Jesus became a very close friend to me, especially because I was lonely and friendless at the time. Thanks for your thoughtful and creative writing! Keep it coming. 🙂


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