Please Don’t Take It

To the suicidal person,

Please don’t take it.

This is my plea.

Do not take your life.

I beg you to put down the gun. Set down the razor. Throw away the rope.

Sit, my dear. Breathe. Think.

You’re not in a good mental state right now. You’re not thinking clearly. Please, let me talk to you.

I want you to first know that I care. Whether I’m a stranger to you, or you’ve known me for awhile. I do care about you.

I do not want to think of a world without your brilliant thoughts or your humor. I don’t want to think of a world that suffers from the pain of your death. I want to think of a world that is positively impacted by you.

Every chance of a positive impact would be completely washed away if you take your life.

If you take it, you’re leaving a negative impact. You’re ruining your chance of changing the world for the better. Have you seen this place? It needs change. YOU can bring that.

Second, I want you to know that God cares. This probably isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s what is true. Psalm 139:13 talks about how God has known us from the beginning. Matthew 6:25-34 talk about the fact that since God cares for the grass of the field, surely He’ll care for you. God really does love you, and He cares more than I can explain.

Third of all, I want to give you alternatives to self harm. Here are things that I found helpful:

  • paint on your wrists
  • build a blanket fort and watch a Disney movie in it
  • write your feelings on paper and rip/burn it
  • play an instrument
  • make a notebook of your favorite songs. write out a song whenever you feel upset
  • watch funny YouTube videos
  • memorize bible verses and/or poems with meaning
  • talk to a friend 🙂 (you’re also welcome to talk to me. my email is
  • cry. crying is good
  • bake something
  • take pictures and edit them
  • try something called The Butterfly Method. Draw a butterfly on your wrist and named it after a loved one, or someone that wouldn’t want you to cut. If you cut that wrist while the butterfly is on there, you’ve killed the butterfly. If you let it wear off, congrats. You’ve made it that far.
  • partner with suicide prevention organizations, such as Project Semicolon

I know you feel alone. You’re not. There are people here. There is a God who knows you, loves you, and cares for you.

“‘Where is God? Where can I find Him?’ We ask. We don’t realize that’s like a fish swimming frantically through the ocean in search of the ocean.”-Ted Dekker



4 thoughts on “Please Don’t Take It

  1. This is insane that I just read this. I had this problem a couple years ago, and now I have a friend that just got hospitalized for her depression. Thank you so much. I really needed this. Now I will print out your post and use your tips when I visit her tomorrow. Thank you! ❤

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