February Recap: Tea and Talking

February was… well… uneventful.

Ohio was blessed with a few warm days, and those were great. But beside that, nothing really happened.

But that’s okay! God can still teach us things in the midst of slow and uneventful months.

So, since I didn’t experience much in the month of February, here are a few things I learned:

1. Iced chai tea lattes from River Road are a great replacement for iced coffee. Seriously though… I see myself investing in quite a few of these this summer.


2. You can’t rely on a phone to be your prime communication with friends. Texting your friends every day is good. In fact, I encourage it! But you can’t rely on that to be what you build your friendship on. Take time out of your week to talk to them face-to-face, even if you have to FaceTime or Skype them.

3. It’s okay to have days to relax. I think that some people really feel guilty for not doing anything. I often teeter back and forth between relaxing too much, and not relaxing enough. But it’s good to have days where you just chill and let yourself relax. We need times of quiet and relaxation to recharge.

4. Baby bunnies are good therapy after a stressful school week. This is my bunny son, Eugene. He’s very cute and he loves to be scratched behind his right ear.20170211_115357

5. Focus on supporting the dreams and passions of your friends and family. I never really recognized the importance of such a thing until this month. I got to see firsthand how supporting those around you only brings good things. Think about the awesome stuff your friends and family love, then support the heck out of them. It’s a simple way to say that you love them.

I hope your February was lovely, and I hope your March is even better!



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