March Recap: Seventeen & Spring

I can’t believe March is already over. I feel like this year has been going by SO quickly. Slow down, 2017, slow down.

Here are some things that happened in my life this past month:

1. I got older. That’s right, folks. I have made it to seventeen. yay.gif

This birthday was a wonderful blessing to me. My mom surprised me by taking my best friend & I to get our nails done. We had a BLAST (and our nails looked fabulous.). We also filmed a video for her youtube channel (check it out here) and made some twenty one pilots cookies. Then, on the actual day of my birthday, I had so many friends and family come over and spend time with me. I was so blessed by food, gifts, and their presence.

2. Spring has sprung. Ohio has finally decided that it would like to keep warmer weather around, and I am so thankful. Allergies have been kicking me in the butt, but that’s okay!! The trees are budding and the grass is getting greener. The skies are blue, and I can successfully walk outside in shorts without freezing. That makes me very happy.

3. I scored some sick concert tickets. KB on April 9th and twenty one pilots on June 22nd and 24th. There might also be an Ed Sheeran ticket in the works. In case you can’t tell, I absolutely love music and going to concerts. live music

On top of all these cool things, I’ve been working on finishing up Junior year. It’s been challenging, and there are many times where I’d just rather cry. However, God has been really teaching me valuable life skills through it, like diligence and trust and a hard work ethic.

Also, I’ve been trying to give more of my time to family and friends, instead of spending time wrapped up in social media. God has been revealing to me just how incredibly valuable time is, and He’s been convicting me of wasting it.

March was a seemingly productive month for me. 🙂

I hope your March was AWESOME, and your April is even better!



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