April Recap: Concerts & Creation Museum

I thought that 2017 wasn’t going to go as fast as 2016.

But man, I was wrong.

I can’t believe it’s already JUNE. I should’ve published this recap a month ago, but alas, procrastination reared its ugly head (again.)

Here are a few things I did in April:

1. I went to concerts.


Shocking, I know. In case you couldn’t tell, concerts are just one of my top favorite things. I adore live music. This month, I saw KB, Social Club Misfits, and Steven Malcolm all perform at a show in good ol’ Columbus. In case you’re unfamiliar with those artists, they’re all hip hop artists that do everything for God’s glory and I’m quite a fan of them. Then, at another show, I had the pleasure of seeing Natalie Grant and Jeremy Camp perform. It was actually the first worship concert I’ve ever been to, and I loved it. I got to spend a lot of time with the ladies from my church and it was a great time. 🙂

2. I toured the Creation Museum. I went for an archaeology event, and ended up exploring the museum with my grandma and sister. It was kinda a perfect day in my opinion. I wish I could go back and relive it. (Even though I came WAAAAAAAAAAAY too close to a tarantula. Nooooo thanks.)

3. I spent time with family. Catching on to a common theme here? I love my family, and I love spending time with them, even if it means riding to the grocery store to get dog food. Honestly, I’m trying to make the best out of my time with them while we’re all together under the same roof. Things are gonna change in the next few years, so why not take the time to enjoy how things are now?

I hope that April blessed you as much as it blessed me!




2 thoughts on “April Recap: Concerts & Creation Museum

    1. Sorry, I just saw this. 0_0 It was SOOOO good!! My dad & I got VIP tickets, so we were able to meet them and be front row! The show was amazing, and they are all really talented. They also did a lot of talking about Jesus and the gospel and ministry. It was so great.


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