When People Leave

It’s hard when people leave our lives. Sometimes, someone we love dies, and a little piece of us dies with them. Sometimes, someone we care about leaves, and they ruin our emotions. It’s hard to lose someone. It really is. I’ve never had someone I love die (praise God), but I’ve seen the effects that … More When People Leave

Pursuing God

Recently, I traveled 283 miles to a town in Michigan with no expectations of what was going to happen. Yes, I had been recruited to work on the Life Action Camp CREW team, but I had no idea what was going to happen. I didn’t know a single person there. I had never been to … More Pursuing God

It Wasn’t Easy

I don’t think that 2015 was an easy year for anyone. At least, it wasn’t for me. It had its good moments and bad moments. 2015 definitely blessed me in many ways. I grew in my faith. I witnessed my close friends grow in their faith. I got to make new friends. I spent quality … More It Wasn’t Easy

Where Does Your Confidence Come From? ~ The Confidence Series

This is part 4 of The Confidence Series. Check out our first post (by the famous Anna Gold), second post (by yours truly), and the third post (by the famous Anna Gold). I strongly encourage you to read them! ___________________________________________________________ “Moooom,” I moan as I walk into her room. “Look at my forehead. It’s so … More Where Does Your Confidence Come From? ~ The Confidence Series